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CineAsset 7.0 Upgrade

The CineAsset 7.0 upgrade is for existing CineAsset users. There is no charge for current CineAsset 6.4 users to upgrade to version 7.0.
If you are already using CineAsset 6.4, contact: for information about downloading the 7.0 update.

There is an upgrade fee for users of any CineAsset version prior to 6.4 (standard or Pro) to use the new CineAsset version 7.0. The customer will receive a file to upgrade their existing security dongle. No hardware needs to be exchanged.

To purchase an upgrade please contact:

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Product Description

New Features include:


  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Ability to trim I/O for content on timeline (edit multiple reel DCP’s)
  • TKR (Theatre Key Retrieval)
  • XYZ to RGB conversion for export to MOV files
  • Downscale filter for export to MOV files
  • Ability to burn subtitles into exported video files
  • Ability to adjust bitrate higher than 250 for any framerate
  • Subtitle Editor
  • Direct import of external DCP to database without using editor
  • Schedule Tasks at the end of the encoding (generate dcp) – export DCP to another location – generate KDM – etc
  • Support for multiple CPL DCP’s
  • Main Marker support
  • Added default P3 to XYZ color conversion
  • Updated render engine for faster JPEG2000 encoding
  • CineInspect – DCP validation tool
  • Direct DCP import with DKDM support
  • Support for H.264 encoding
  • Support for VC-1 wrapping (no encode)
  • Extended command line support for KDM generation and CineInspect
  • Extended multimedia export including QuickTime (MOV), MPEG, image sequences and raw data
  • Support digital cinema naming convention v.9
  • Improved 24bit audio support
  • Ability to burn subtitles onto encoded image
  • SMPTE subtitle support
  • Support Archive Frame Rates for D-Cinema (16, ~18, 20 and ~22 fps)
  • Ability to download DCP’s from attached servers to the local database
  • Many other interface and ease of use enhancements


  • Improved CinePlayer rendering engine
  • Support for Closed Captions
  • Support for 2K Flat and 2K Scope when using the DeckLink card
  • Added the ability to display the CinePlayer controls on a second screen when using Full Screen mode
  • Support for supplemental packages that are not in the database
  • Support for multi CPL DCPs
  • Third party HD-SDI output support (Blackmagic DeckLink)
  • Adjustable Playback Framerate
  • Support for RCV2 external controller
  • Timeline markers indicating reel boundaries
  • VU meter for each channel