The RAPID Mastering Station is the newest and fastest DCI-JPEG2000 mastering on the market with extensive encoding parameter controls and support for bit rates up to 250 Mbs. The RAPID features quality variable bit rate (VBR) encoding to produce the highest possible image quality at file sizes significantly smaller than those achieved with constant bit rate encoding. A smaller digital movie file size provides for reduced duplication time and distribution costs. The super-fast processor quadruples the encoding speed currently available on Doremi’s DMS-2000 mastering station. The accelerated encoding times gives post facilities the opportunity to significantly increase their revenues by expediting higher volumes through the facility

Rapid-2X Front Rapid-2X Open Rapid-2X Back

Control Utility Software

RAPID Control Utility Software provides full control of the mastering functions.

Select source input, compression parameters and more.

  • DCI-JPEG2000 encoding
  • Encryption options for MXF wrapped DCP
  • 2K image compression processing
  • 3D encoding
  • Dual-link HD-SDI Interface
  • Color Space Conversion
  • XYZ 12-bit 4:4:4 Encoding
  • 16 Audio Channels

Optional Features

  • Dual-link HD-SDI interface (input and output)
  • HD-SDI capture: Real time for 24 & 25 fps video and 30fps at half speed
  • RGB to XYZ color space conversion
  • 4K image compression processing

Rapid 2X features

  • Double the encoding speed
  • 24 fps max compression speed for 2K
  • 4 fps compression speed for 4K
  • Serial Digital Interface
  • Dual Link HD-SDI w/color space conversion (optional)
  • Supports 2K and 1080p
  • HD-SDI Capture: Real-time for 24 & 25fps video and 30fps at half speed
  • TIFF files16 bit (other formats also supported) with color space conversion (option)


  • Serial Digital Interface / Dual Link HD-SDI
  • For preview of encoding in real-time for JPEG2000 file (non real-time for TIFFs) with HD-SDI embedded audio


  • Bit Rate: JPEG2000 50–250Mbs
  • 2K Resolution / 4K Resolution (option)
  • 2 Dolphin DCI Boards
  • 24fps max compression speed for 2K (SAN/Internal Drive)
  • 4fps max compression speed for 4K


  • WAV Broadcast Files
  • Uncompressed 24 bit, 48kHz & 96kHz
  • Embedded on HD-SDI (48kHz)


  • RAPID Control Utility (Linux Version)


  • Two Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • SCSI Ultra 320
  • Dual 4GB Fiber Channel


  • 4U Chassis – 1TB System Drive
  • 5TB Internal Hardware RAID5
  • Quad Core CPU
  • 64-bit Linux operating system