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Doremi CineAsset is a complete Mastering Software suite that can create and playback encrypted (Pro version) and unencrypted DCI compliant packages from virtually any source. CineAsset includes a separate ‘Editor’ application for generating DCPs.

With the CineAsset Database, asset management has never been more simple. Drop folders allow for automated transfer of image sequences and other media files into the database. CineAsset Pro adds the ability to easily generate KDM’s for any encrypted content in the database.

Also included is CinePlayer, used for the quality control of created assets as well as the playback of any file type supported by CineAsset on your personal computer.

CineAsset offers additional functionality when used with Doremi Digital Cinema Servers including transport controls, file transfer and KDM management for the connected device.

CineExport is also included for Mac users. CineExport is a plug-in for Apple Compressor used to convert Final Cut Pro sequences and popular media formats to DCI compliant Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs).

CineAsset DCP Editor

  • Convert popular video files to DCI compliant digital cinema packages (DCPs)
  • Multi-reel support
  • Multiple Filters (Scale, XYZ Colorspace Conversion, Timecode Burn-in, Logo Overlay, Audio Delay, Trimmer)
  • Create and playback DCP’s with subtitles
  • Generate encrypted DCP’s (Pro version only)
  • Support for still picture import (create DCPs from a single image)
  • Custom Luts and Matrix values for color conversion (.csv and .3dl files)
  • High Frame Rate support (47.95, 48, 50, 59.94, 60, 72 and 96)
  • Supplemental DCP support
  • Load/save project capability
  • Command line support
  • API Available
  • Support for Projector Certificates
  • KDM and Certificate Manager – database of KDM’s and certificates creates an easy way to see properties make modifications to selected items
  • CineInspect DCP validation tool
  • Event Cinema support with H.264 encoding, MPEG2 encoding and VC1 wrapping
  • DCP import with DKDM support
  • Archive Frame Rate support (16, 18.18, 20 and 21.82fps)
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Ability to trim I/O for content on timeline
  • TKR (Theatre Key Retrieval)
  • Subtitle Editor
  • Main Marker support

CineAsset Render Nodes (optional)

  • Increases processing speed by distributing JPEG2000 encoding across multiple computers on a network
  • Supports up to 5 render nodes per CineAsset

CineAsset Database

  • Build clip databases
  • Generate KDM’s for encrypted content (Pro version only)
  • Dropin folder for automated transfer of image sequences and other media files
  • Multimedia Export (Image Sequence, WAV, QuickTime, MPEG)
  • XYZ to RGB conversion for exported MOV files
  • Downscale filter for exported to MOV files
  • Ability to burn subtitles into exported video files

CinePlayer DCP Player

  • Real time XYZ to RGB color correction
  • Playback encrypted DCP’s
  • Playback DCP’s with subtitles
  • Playback other multimedia formats (MXF, MOV, etc.)
  • VU meter
  • Adjustable playback framerate
  • CineInspect DCP validation tool
  • SDI output with third party I/O card*
  • Closed Caption support
  • Support for 2K Flat and 2K Scope when using the DeckLink card
  • Ability to display transport controls on a second screen when using Full Screen mode

* Supported I/O devices: Blackmagic Design Decklink

CineAsset Device Control*

  • Device KDM manager allows management of KDM’s on selected device
  • Convert, transfer, schedule and playback 2D or 3D video clips
  • Ingest content via Ethernet or FTP and automate file transfer to servers
  • Transport controls for the connected servers
  • Retrieve Media Block certificates

* Supported Doremi servers: (DCP2000; DC Post; ShowVault; DCP2K4; IMS1000)

CineAsset Task View

  • Monitor and control tasks in the queue
  • View detailed information about processes and incomplete tasks

CineExport DCP Export Plug-in for Compressor

  • Compatible with Apple Compressor 3.5.3 and 4.0
  • Standard version without encryption and Pro version with encryption and KDM generation

When using CinePlayer for real time playback of 2K, 24fps DCP’s with color conversion, the following minimum configuration is recommended:

  • CPU(s) with minimum 12 threads (12 physical cores or 6 cores with HT Technology)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Graphics adapter with minimum 1GB dedicated memory
  • Fast local storage dedicated to DCP content (7200 RPM SATA III HDD or SSD)

Real time playback of any high frame rate, 3D or 4K DCP’s, cannot be guaranteed.

System Requirements

  • Windows:OS: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
  • RAM: 4GB minimum – 8GB recommended
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo minimum, Core i7 quad-core or Xeon recommended
  • Graphics adapter: minimum 512MB dedicated memory (Intel integrated graphics not recommended)
  • Mac:OS: 10.7.X -10.9.X
  • RAM: 4GB minimum – 8GB recommended
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo minimum, Core i7 quad-core or Xeon recommended
  • Graphics adapter: minimum 512MB dedicated memory (Intel integrated graphics not recommended)



  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MXF
  • MPG
  • TS
  • WMV
  • M2TS
  • MTS
  • MP4
  • MKV
Video Codecs:

  • JPEG20000
  • ProRes-422
  • DNxHD® *
  • YUV Uncompressed 8-10 bits
  • DIVX®
  • XVID®
  • MPEG4
  • AVC / H-264
  • VC-1
  • MPEG2
Supported Image Sequences:

  • BMP
  • TIFF
  • TGA
  • DPX
  • JPG
  • J2C
Supported Audio Files:

  • WAV
  • MP3 **
  • WMA
  • MP2


  • JPEG2000
    • 2D and 3D at up to 4K resolution
    • Bit Rate: 50–500Mbps
    • Speed: Faster than real-time processing when using optional render nodes
  • MPEG2
    • I-Only or Long GOP
    • 1080p up to 80 Mb/s
  • H264
    • 1080p up to 50 Mb/s
  • VC1
    • DCP wrapping only (no transcode)

*To use Avid DNxHD codec technology from Avid Technology, Inc. in CinePlayer from Doremi Labs, plug a licensed Avid DNxHD codec into a licensed QuickTime player. Avid Technology, Inc. is not affiliated with Doremi Labs.

**To use MP3 codec technology in CinePlayer, install a licensed QuickTime player on your computer. QuickTime player is not a Doremi product and it is not provided as part of CinePlayer available from Doremi Labs.

Installing the certificates

GUI Overview

Creating a DCI Compliant DCP (Encrypted)

Exporting a DCP from the Database

Saving a Settings File

Creating a supplemental Package (Adding Subtitles)